Sunday, May 27, 2012

Living Room Decor

I am going to make a few posts today because my husband returns from his trip this evening and I will no longer have unlimited access to his laptop. Here is a very short post about my reptile and amphibian-themed living room decor.

We don't have much in the way of herp-theme decor in our living room. We have a "habitat stand" (basically an aquarium stand with a solid top and shelves underneath). Snakey's cage is on top of the stand. The shelves are filled with herp books and this little guy:

Isn't he cute? If you can't tell, he is a little frog bookend. I absolutely adore him :)

 And here is a very large (about 32in x 32in) painting of a little boy and a turtle. I bought it for $10 at a sidewalk sale. It was originally priced at $200 but it has a little chip in the frame so they threw it out with a bunch of other "damaged" paintings at the sale. I like it because it is currently right next to our Russian tortoise "enclosure" (a play pool filled with substrate and cage furniture, but more on that later).

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